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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


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Wonderful of Indonesian cultures base on Nusa Penida serenity native cultures and access quality amended as its accomplishment is presented in the new paradise of Nusa Penida Island, Klungkung, Bali.

The silence village broke when gong Baleganjur ‘ Bali traditional instrumental‘. Gong accompaniment of traditional Baris Jangkang Pelilit dances from Pelilitan village Nusa Penida island, Klungkung, Bali.

Baris Jangkang dance have magical and high sacred values ​​. This dance was dedicated in a ceremony of Hindu Dharma Bali in the temples. The dancers wear simple costumes and performed by a group of adult men. Simple batik headband ‘ destar’ on the head, white shirt and trousers, Cepuk traditional woven cloth surrounds the dancers bodies ( Cepuk traditional woven cloth is the original made by traditional weavers from Nusa Penida island ), white and yellow scarves. Weapons dancers wear lance ‘ Tombak ‘  with Sridatu thread ( red, black & white color of threads ) as decoration.

Baris Jangkang dance symbolize an ancient army of remote areas in Bali. The dancers move like soldiers in a choreography that is military in nature. At one point, they used spears to form a defensive line; at other times, the dancers act together as an offensive force. There are also times when they divide into two groups and began attacking each other. Their movement is done with gestures that are simple, basic and direct.The line of Baris Jangkang dance is “ Goak Maling Taluh and Buyung Masugi”.
In previous time,  Baris Jangkang dance courtesy of the ceremony to prevent diseases and ward off evil forces in the village, healing the sick, grant the request in order to have children or pay the vows and protect the village. Baris Jangkang dance in this tourism development century, in Nusa Penida island is also dedicated to welcome the National and International tourists arrival.   

Find new cultures experiences on the new paradise of Nusa Penida Island, Klungkung, Bali. 

Wonderful  Sumatra Island

Blissful amid the God Almighty, welcoming and congratulating to Indonesian tourism quality warriors expert. The eternal poetry has written on the sacred stones and will not ever disappear from sacred song of this nation.
Wonderful Singkarak Lake, the grand Aceh coffee tourism with Gayo coffee as the most wanted, gorgeous Toba Lake, International tourist spot of Mentawai Islands with unique Mentawai ethnic cultures stories & fantastic International surfing beaches and many more are welcoming visitors to Sumatra Island, Indonesia

 Wonderful Mentawai Islands , West Sumatra story

“ Sikerei “ traditional cures expert and disease recovered after they were dancing in Mentawai islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia

With the God Almighty, all turbulence could not measuring to continue your humanity attention into Mentawai Islands. The pest arrive covering human attempt on developing human life quality...!! I am Balinese, I am Indonesian would like to apologize for all turbulence attack in previous and apply to rebuild life mutual relationship on developing life quality in Sumatra island. May God Bless you ......


" I am Indonesian, i love my Bali native culture and preserve my Bali traditional culture. Improving human civilization quality on improving our education and economy under our nation rule of INDONESIA and traditional custom of our ethnic. This is INDONESIA, we are always improving our quality human civilization, and it also goes to our Mentawai ethnic in Sumatra island.

Eeehhh, if you are evicted, please going back to one of the original home in Mentawai islands " Rusuk House " - a traditional home of Mentawai such as : Uma, Lalep and Rusuk.

Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra which consists of 40 islands and there are four of the biggest island. North Siberut, Central Sipora, North & South Sinaga.

Similarly  to the Hindu culture of Bali island that use pork as the offerings to the temples. The ethnic of Mentawai like to eat pork, especially when conducting big party ' Punen ' as a sign of affinity with the spirit of human relationships.
" So tied in your mind the fabulous Pork cookeries of the island ". Cheers....!!!!
The Mentawai ethnic also like to eat monkey meat, chicken and deer. The staple food in Siberut is “ sagu “ and  bananas, in Sinaga is taro “keladi “.
Mentawai Islands stand on a very fertile land surrounded by beautiful origin forestry, the river flows along the Mentawai islands and swamp - marsh. How beautiful the nature surrounds the Mentawai Islands.


Sang Hyang Grodog Dance, 
How wonderful this life when you meet the original culture of Nusa Penida island. The ancient tradition dance " Sang Hyang Grodog dance " a sacred dance of Nusa Penida island remain to this day.

The difference of this Balinese dance then others. Sang Hyang Grodog  dance is sacred, this dance is not just a dance, but a perfect blend of the musical rhythm (songs, audio, voice / sound), visual (form, shape, visual) and “ Agem “ (motion, kinetic). There are 23 types of Sang Hyang, which is then presented as a sacred pray / “ Aci ‘ by traditional community ‘ Pakraman ‘ of  Nusa Lembongan village for 11 consecutive days starting from -7 to sasih karo – Balinese calendar  (July - August).
Magical ritual function repellent reinforcements, contracted the disease outbreak, livestock disease outbreak (grubug) pets such as cows, pigs and chickens. Means for rain if too late or too long it's going in dry season ‘ paceklik’ . And also magical ritual function there in contained ‘ Adi Luhung ‘  cultural noble values ​​in 23 (twenty three) types of Sang Hyang incorporated in ‘ Aci ‘  Sang Hyang Grodog as the symbolic value of fertility, religious , familiar, mutual cooperation, village legend, utilization and conservation of marine resources, strength and diversity of animals. Sang Hyang Grodog also a boost once the peak of spiritual understanding ‘ penglingsir’ the elders models living in tradition of keeping love, respect and politeness the country / Mother Earth with all its contents are symbolizing with 23 types of Sang Hyang Grodog.

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