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Friday, October 28, 2016


Bali home yard in traditional village of Klungkung, Bali island is stunning. Toxicity farming, making the most exotic peaceful of Bali live village atmosphere. Through the most gorgeous live in greenery blankets. Crops ' Umbi - umbian ' become one of favorite plants is cultivated by the villagers.

I will always keep fond memories with my grandmother. We cultivated the seed of roots like  turmeric, ginger, glese galangal / kencur, etc. in the area near the ' Barrel / Gentong' - a place to store clean water. Wet area and a little bit of sunshine be a good place to plant the roots. And after growing shoots in the next week. It can be moved into our home garden,  next to the kitchen ' Traditional Bali kitchen ' in our home that was rich of wonderful memories with my beloved grand-parents.

My grandmother was beautiful and has nature light smooth-skinned, very diligent in making traditional beverage concoction of herbs taken from our Bali home gardens. One of them was herbal drink made from ' Saffron '  fresh turmeric root. Picked up some fresh saffrons and continue grate  it , saffron fibers were squeezed and cooked. Served with fresh honey. This tradition is still continue use until today in my daily live.

Bali traditional  herbal drink is very beneficial for people with diabetes, launched menstruation for women, shrink belly fat, prevent vaginal discharge, maintain the beauty of the skin, etc.

If you want to enjoy experience on the efficacy of herbal drinks ' Turmeric / Kunyit' is, let's try it once, when you come to Bali for vacation. Happy Holiday ..... !!

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