Temukan Wajah Bersih Sempurna

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Balinese women have native culture to keep their  beauty skin since the ancient times. One of these traditions is "Meboreh". 

Boreh Bali made by natural spices such as, glese galangal / kencur, ginger, pepper, coriander, turmeric, cloves, etc. All of these natural spices in the mash until smooth. In this modern age Balinese Boreh evolved and has become favorite spa packages by national and international tourist.

Balinese Boreh  is very helpful to refresh the body, smoothing blood circulation, colds and headaches nature cures, etc. Mixed the cream with a drop of fresh water and ready to be used to cleanse the body "Body Scrub". 

Mixed Balinese Boreh with a little drop of  "Arak" ( Bali Alcohol ), which is used as  muscles Rheumatic cures. Boreh Ginger  is also used as stiff  muscles treatment.
Nature face masks of  Boreh Kencur / Glese galangal and small pinch of white rice are excellent for face nature cleanser, skin smoothing and refreshing, as well as migraine treatment.

Make Balinese Boreh as your choice and enjoy  traditional Balinese beauty herbs from the Bali women ancestor.

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